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Saturday, April 10, 2010

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 We are now implementing our custom designed SIGMA-THREE quality control program. We make mistakes as everyone does, but in the event of a misdiagnosis or procedural error, the unintentional miscue comes under review and is intensely scrutinized to find ways of improving our over-all process to prevent its reccurrence. Whether it's acquiring additional equipment, expanding upon our own service publications data-base, or even consulting with outside specialists, we're willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that if we tell you it's fixed, it is! If one of our suppliers furnishes to us a defective replacement part that causes a complete job failure, they don't get a second chance.


 Another component of the SIGMA-THREE program is our two year unlimited-mileage warranty. We're quite serious about maintaining our fine reputation and ours is the ONLY shop that we know of that offers the SIGMA-THREE product feature.


 When we have fully mastered the SIGMA-THREE concept, we'll go on to SIGMA-FOUR, a more finely tuned and rigorous version of SIGMA-THREE.






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