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Saturday, April 10, 2010

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Stephen J. Wheeler
Matthew C. Goos

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What's New?
  1. Our 'SIGMA-THREE' Quality Control Program.
    Click Here for details.
  2. VAG-COM. The same diagnostic software used by Volkswagen / Audi / Seat / and Skoda. Click Here for details.
  3. Announcements to the most recent additions to our shop and this site.
  4. Links to our membership websites and other major organizations.


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Coming Soon!

  1. Links to other local businesses around Lake City.
  2. A photo gallery of our mechanics working around the 'shop.'
  3. Exciting things that we find our customers and visitors to this site may have an interest in.
  4. A feedback section where our customers can send us their thoughts about improvements to our business or this site.
  5. More 'Tips and Tricks' to help keep your car or truck running smoothly!


So stay tuned! There's more to come!


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Monday thru Friday

8:30am - 6:00pm ET


     What's New?

Our customers have registered accolades with the 'CarTalk' website!

Click Here to view!

(Under Mechanics Files,

enter Steve Wheeler,

and zip code 32025)



Quote from one
of our customers:


The car worked fine all the way to Syracuse. Thanks for taking the time fix my car when you were so overloaded in 100 weather. I think you might be the kindest person I've ever met. My best to you and your team!

- Adrienne Salinger

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